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Setting up an account with

Make sure you use the below link to setup with   Using this particular link associate your account with our integration with, so we can better assist you if and when questions arise.​ will integrate into all of our applications that accept payments.


​We will need the following 2 parameters from Authorize.Net to integrate for you.

API Login ID and Transaction Key

Get Your Login ID
  • Click API Credentials & Keys in the Security Settings section

  • (If this is the first time you are doing this, you will need to enter a secret answer to the secret question you configured at account activation. And click Submit.)

  • The API Login ID for your account is displayed on the API Login ID and Transaction Key page.

​How To Obtain A Transaction Key

The Transaction Key is not always visible in the Merchant Interface like the API Login ID. Once you navigate away from the confirmation page there will be no other way to access the Transaction Key in the Merchant Interface. In such a case you will have to generate a new Transaction Key.

CAUTION THOUGH - If you find that you do need to generate a new transaction key, and you have any OTHER integrations into, they will stop working after approximately 24 hours.   All integrations should be updated with the new key created.

  • Log on to the Merchant Interface at

  • Select Settings under Account in the main menu on left

  • Click API Credentials & Keys in the Security Settings section

  • Enter your secret answer to the secret question you configured when you activated your user account (if prompted).

  • Select "New Transaction Key" if you are resetting your existing one.

  • Click Submit

  • The Transaction Key for your account is displayed on a confirmation page.

Copy and Paste and keep your API Login ID & Transaction Key in a safe place, as the key cannot be retrieved if necessary, it can only be re-set.
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