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ImageFlo is a web based service where photographers can

host their own high resolution press quality images that are ultimately used in student yearbook publications.


Eliminate costly deliveries, CD production, and time delays. Put the web to work for you with ImageFlo.

Features / Benefits

• Eliminates CD production and delivery costs (green “eco-friendly” solution) 

• Photographers can upload images from any internet hotspot

• Your schools have near instant availability of your images for yearbook, etc.

• Multi-user support with all major browsers (IE7, Firefox, Safari)

• Hierarchy of account levels for photographers, teachers, and students

• Teacher controlled student permissions - accountability logs built-in

• Online shopping cart for retail public image sales coming soon

• Organizes different events into separate albums

• Keyword assignments. School and event dates are assigned to images

• Workflow friendly with Adobe Lightroom export plug-in

The Adobe Lightroom ImageFlo plug-in includes adjustments for both image size and compression factor. Photographers can provide the school with tailored images for their specific purpose (yearbook, web, general printing.) Studio storage requirements will vary but a general “rule of thumb” is that 300,000 images can be stored on each terabyte of server space.

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