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S.T.O.P. is an automated "paperless" web based system that allows teachers and selected school personnel to easily apply fees and obligations to one or multiple students with a click of a button.  

E-mails are sent to parents and students when any fee or obligation is applied to their account.  


Obligations follow the student from school to school, reducing loss due to school transfers. 


S.T.O.P. manages text book inventory, pricing and depreciation school or district wide.


S.T.O.P. allows parents to view and pay any and all fees or lost textbooks online using credit cards, debit cards or checks.

STOP for Schools is the only solution that does it all in one.

  • A comprehensive district-wide solution for tracking textbooks issued to students, monitoring excesses school level inventory, and a secure method for parents to pay for lost textbooks online.

  • An automated paperless computerized system that allows schools to create and apply appropriate student fees.

  • Offers a robust real time data driven reports at district, school, department, and teacher levels.


Why ask students to stand in line when they can pay online?

The old method of students leaving their classroom and lining up at the treasurer´s window is now a thing of the past. Now you have another option! 

Through the Internet portal, parents can view their child´s applied obligations, fees and dues and pay them with secure online payments. Additional benefits include: 

  • Increase instructional time:

    • long lines at the treasure´s window are reduced or eliminated.

  • Increase School Safety:

    • No need for students to carry cash to school.

  • Reclaim lost productivity and return it to instruction:

    • Teachers spend countless hours filling out paper forms and tracking down which students have paid or not paid.

  • Money is sent through a clearing house directly to District accounts:

    • Our portal will process, verify, and transfer the money directly to the District accounts and apply payment credits to the student´s account.

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